Opel Vectra B

since 1995 release

Repair and operation of the car

Vektr's Opel of B
+ 1.1. Governing bodies and control devices
+ 2. Maintenance
+ 3. Engines
- 4. Heating, ventilation
   - 4.1. Cooling system
      4.1.1. Introduction
      4.1.2. Technical characteristics
      4.1.3. Cooling system hoses
      4.1.4. Radiator
      4.1.5. Thermostat
      4.1.6. Radiator fan
      4.1.7. The additional fan of a radiator on diesel engines of 1,7 l
      4.1.8. The additional electric pump of cooling on diesel engines of 1,7 l
      + 4.1.9. Electric sensors
      4.1.10. Water pump
   + 4.2. Heating system and ventilation
   4.3. Air conditioning system
+ 5. Fuel system
+ 6. Systems of start, ignition
+ 7. Transmission
+ 8. Brake system
+ 9. Running gear
+ 10. Body
+ 11. Electric equipment
+ 12. Main malfunctions


4.1.3. Cooling system hoses


Check a condition of hoses of the cooling system and at detection of defect replace a hose.


1. Merge cooling liquid from the cooling system.
2. Remove collars of fastening of hoses and shift collars on a hose.
3. Having pulled a hose, remove it from the union.
4. If the hose is not removed from the union, then at the same time with removal, turn a hose in the parties. At removal of hoses of the cooling system from a radiator be careful since union on a radiator fragile.
5. Install a hose on the union and fix it by a collar.
6. Fill in cooling liquid in the cooling system.
7. Check tightness of the cooling system.